Dell mfp 1125.


Dell mfp 1125





Dell mfp 1125.


Diagnostics: Thaiphoon Burner v. Build 1216 RC1

A new version of Thaiphoon Burner has been released, which is designed specifically for reading information from SPD. In addition, it allows you to reprogram the SPD directly or in a special emulation mode. Thaiphoon Burner can load external SPD dumps and overwrite them to EEPROM. When working Thaiphoon creates detailed reports that can be saved in a separate file.

Attention: the program works only on the following chipsets: nForce4, nForce3, nForce2 and SiS96x.

The new version adds support for the NVIDIA MCP61 and MCP65 hubs, improved EPP, fixed bugs.

Download Thaiphoon Burner v. Build 1216 RC1 from there (288 KB, Shareware, Windows All).


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