Dell keyboard with card reader.


Dell keyboard with card reader





Dell keyboard with card reader.


NextoCF Ultra ND2525: Fastest Storage for Photographers

The speed of work for owners of DSLR cameras is far from the last place, given the size of the resulting images, especially those saved in RAW format.

For such users, the product presented by NextoDI will be of interest. Its device, called the NextoCF Ultra ND2525, provides an average transfer rate from CompactFlash memory cards of 20 Mb / s, and the maximum – up to 32 Mb / s. Thus, we find that more than a gigabyte of data can be rewritten from the fastest CF cards in a minute.

The manufacturer says about the function of bitwise verification of the recorded data, however, its use will double the time required for recording.
The device is equipped with USB 2 interfaces.0 and Firewire and is compatible with both PC and Mac.

NextoCF Ultra ND2525 has already appeared in Korean retail, where they ask for $ 213 without a built-in hard drive, or $ 425, with a 160 GB HDD model included. Interestingly, the manufacturer has provided for the use of PATA drives, not SATA.

The supplied lithium-polymer battery is enough to transfer 40 GB of information (approximately 42 minutes of operation), in addition, you can purchase a battery of increased capacity (up to 70 GB). Charging time is 3 hours. The functionality of the device can be expanded by using an adapter that will make it available to work with 17 types of memory cards.

Source: NextoDI


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