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Dell digital juke box





Dell digital juke box.


Palit X1950GT Super 512MB AGP: one of the fastest accelerators for systems with AGP

Two weeks earlier, Palit Microsystems noted that before the official announcement of ATI / AMD Radeon X1950GT, it presented its graphics accelerator X1950GT Super 512MB.

Now the manufacturer’s assortment has been supplemented with an AGP version of this accelerator, X1950GT Super 512MB AGP.

It makes no sense to expect significant differences in cards that differ only in the interface, so let’s repeat the technical characteristics that we have already provided:

  • GPU: Radeon X1950GT
  • Bus: AGP
  • Memory size, MB: 512
  • Memory width, bit: 256
  • Memory type: GDDR3
  • Core frequency, MHz: 500
  • Memory frequency, MHz: 1200
  • Pixel pipelines: 36
  • Interfaces: Dual-link DVI, TV-Out

The manufacturer indicates that the GPU used in the Palit X1950GT Super 512MB AGP is manufactured at 90nm, although we know that more advanced 80nm standards are applied for this GPU, codenamed RV570. Most likely there is an inaccuracy in the product description.

Source: Palit Microsystems


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