Datacolor spyder 3.


Datacolor spyder 3





Datacolor spyder 3.


Web browsers: Maxthon v.2.0.1 Build 6526 Beta 4

Released a new version of one of the best free browsers based on Internet Explorer core – Maxthon (formerly MyIE2). Maintaining tabs and having its own RSS aggregator, Maxthon 2.0 also has many useful features that significantly improve the usability of the browser: support for mouse gestures and advanced drag and drop, autocomplete form databases, hotkeys and aliases for addresses, link groups, ad filter, search tools, etc. The functionality of Maxthon is additionally extended by plugins (several dozen plugins are available). Also Maxthon supports skins.

The second version of Maxthon is significantly different from versions 1.x and from MyIE2 while keeping its best sides. Maxthon 2.0 got its own face and many new features. The ad filter has been significantly improved – now Maxthon can not only block addresses of objects on the network, but also parse HTML-code, like Admuncher or Proxomitron. You can get acquainted with the changes in more detail here. Read about the changes in the fourth beta there.

Get Maxthon v.2.0.1 Build 6526 Beta 4 is available at the following link (Freeware, Windows All):

  • Standard version (2.0 MB)
  • Russification (16 Kb)


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