Creative labs ct4750.


Creative labs ct4750





Creative labs ct4750.


10-charge tank rocket launcher with USB connection

The idea of ​​creating rocket launchers connected to a computer via the USB interface is far from new – we have already written about similar products many times.

However, there is no limit to perfection, and Vavolo presented another creation on a given topic – USB Missile Control Tank.

The product is a tank equipped with a ten-round rocket launcher. Shooting can be carried out both in a static and in a moving state. The tank is quite maneuverable, it can even climb slopes of 30 degrees and overcome low obstacles.

The maximum range of an accurate shot is about six meters. The shot is accompanied by corresponding sound effects.

The remote control can be operated on battery power or connected to a PC via USB. In the latter case, it does not require additional power supply, and the movement and firing of the tank can be controlled using a mouse and keyboard.

The cost of such an original PC add-on is currently $ 80. Not a bad gift for the upcoming holiday on February 23rd, don’t you think?

Source: Vavolo


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