Converge pro 880t.


Converge pro 880t





Converge pro 880t.


Smart backpack makes carrying easier

As you know, one of the main difficulties in hiking and military marches is the need to carry a rather heavy backpack with equipment and provisions. By fundamentally redesigning the backpack, physiologist Larry Rome of the University of Pennsylvania was able to significantly reduce the strain on the carrier’s back.

The fact is that when walking, a person’s body moves up and down in an amplitude of 5-7 cm, and, accordingly, he has to raise and lower his weight and the weight of the load with each step. The design of the new backpack is based on the principle of maintaining the height of the load while walking – suspended on elastic cables, the backpack slides up and down along the guides of the metal frame with each step.

The design reportedly reduces the additional vertical load by 86%, with a total energy savings of approximately 40W. The main goal of the development is to reduce the risk of injury to muscles and spine.

By the way, nothing prevents us from improving the backpack by adding an electric generator that uses part of the kinetic energy, for example, to charge the batteries of a PDA, navigator and other mobile devices. In general, the project began with this goal, commissioned by the US Office of Naval Research. The department wanted to reduce the weight of the soldiers’ backpacks by replacing the backup batteries with a “backpack” generator.


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