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Conoscan n650u.


No, $ 100 laptop won’t hit retail – official reaction to rumors

Non-profit organization One Laptop per Child (OLPC), which aims to provide children in developing countries with laptops, has officially denied previously published reports that it is allegedly considering releasing XO laptops for free sale. In fact, the OLPC project only targets children from developing countries.

Project Leader Nicholas Negroponte expressed this thought as follows: “Contrary to recent reports, One Laptop per Child has no plans to supply consumers with the current version of the XO laptop, designed for the world’s poorest and most marginalized children. XO laptops will be made available to governments in large quantities to provide children free of charge through education systems. Many businesses have considered and proposed programs that could start in 2021 or later; one of them is “pay for two, get one”. Additionally, OLPC is launching the OLPC Foundation this month, dedicated specifically to accepting the huge help and donations that surround the $ 100 laptop idea. “.

Recall that now, the list of countries where it is planned to supply XO includes Libya, Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uruguay.

Source: OLPC


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