Connect jambox to pc.


Connect jambox to pc





Connect jambox to pc.


Test applications: MemTest86 + v.one.70

According to the BenchmarkHQ website, a new version of MemTest86 has been released+. Memtest86 + is a modified version of MemTest86 that supports the latest technologies. It is designed to test the computer’s RAM. When MemTest86 + is installed, it creates a floppy disk, so to start testing it is enough to boot the computer from this floppy. Alternatively, you can create a bootable CD (by downloading the image (ISO)). All tests are performed automatically, in endless mode, testing continues until the command to terminate.

The new version adds DMI Polling function, adds support for Intel Core / Core2 Solo / Duo / Quad processors, adds support for FB-DIMM memory and other hardware, bugs fixed.

Load MemTest86 + v.one.70 from there (Freeware):

  • For DOS (69 KB)
  • For Linux (44 KB)
  • For Windows (44 KB)


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