Conexant usb audio.


Conexant usb audio





Conexant usb audio.


Silverstone SST-ST85F PSU: 850 W power, large fan, high efficiency

In its Strider series (the name will not leave fans of the game Half-Life indifferent :)), the SilverStone company, with which we got acquainted in detail not so long ago, released a powerful 850-watt SST-ST85F power supply.

This solution does not have a record for today capacity, however, it is a well-balanced product. We propose to evaluate its appearance independently, we only note that all cables are removable (i.e.n. modular architecture).

I am glad that the manufacturer has installed a 135-mm fan in its power supply unit, which provides effective cooling at a low noise level (from 20 dBA).

Four PCI Express power lines are common in products of this level today, but the new eight-pin PCIe power connectors, of which the SST-ST85F has two, are still rare. More familiar six-pin connectors – four. The total current through the four independent lines + 12V is 64 A.

Another positive point that should be noted is the high efficiency of the new product – its efficiency is more than 80% at load levels from 20% to 100%. In most modern power supplies, this figure is much lower at low load.

Silverstone SST-ST85F dimensions – 150 x 86 x 180 mm, weight – 2.9 kg. The price has not been disclosed, but it could be a big fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey. SilverStone products are difficult to attribute to cheap.

Source: SilverStone


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