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Dell continues to design and manufacture 15 ” LCD monitors

Dell New E157FPT LCD Monitor with TouchPad. Its diagonal screen size is 15 inches (38.1 cm). The monitor is designed for point-of-sale, industrial equipment and other applications where high resolution and widescreen display are not required, but design reliability and ease of interfacing with other components are appreciated.

The touch panel of the monitor is built on the use of acoustic waves. According to the manufacturer, this approach provides high positioning and actuation accuracy. Optional equipment of the monitor with a device for reading magnetic stripes on cards.

Using a touchscreen instead of function keys allegedly helps reduce typing errors. As examples of Dell E157FPT application, the manufacturer names ATMs, self-checkout counters, check-in counters in airports and hotels.

Dell E157FPT should appear in February for $ 529. For $ 589, you can purchase a monitor complete with a magnetic stripe reader.

Source: Dell


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