Ch products combatstick.


Ch products combatstick





Ch products combatstick.


Phillips: Magic Wands for Windows Vista MCE

A whole scattering of PC remote controls, as well as USB receivers for them, was presented by Philips. All new items are released under the sign of the upcoming Windows Vista OS and are focused on use with a media PC running Vista Media Center Edition.

Among the new products, there are both relatively simple remote controls RC1974501 / 00 and RC1974502 / 00 (the second model is distinguished by the presence of backlighting of the keys), and more complex models. RC1974603 / 00, for example, features an “advanced IR learning” mode (what this means is still impossible to understand), and RC1974503 / 00 operates in the radio frequency range.

The most interesting of the new products is the TINO SRM7500 / xx, which operates in both IR and 2.4 GHz bands. The TINO SRM7500 / xx remote control is equipped with an LCD display, which allows you to control your PC without turning on its monitor.

There is no information about the cost of “magic wands” yet.


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