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Casio cw100.


Apple sent out Mac OS X 10 testers.four.nine

It looks like Leopard will not debut at the January MacWorld show: Apple has sent testers the current build of the next update to Mac OS X Tiger – 10.four.9 (8P2111).

Among the components and operations in which bugs are fixed, the accompanying documentation calls Sync Service Engine, .Mac Sync, Rosetta, Bluetooth pairing, USB modem operation (caller ID and busy tone detection), QC Engine, Core Graphics and HID Manager, PDFKit and MallocGuardEdges, and Automator scripts.

The company asks testers when working with the new assembly to pay special attention to the work of Adobe Flash, bash, bind, Bonjour, Dashboard Widgets, FireWire, Fonts, gnutar, Graphics, as well as iChat video conferencing.

As a reminder, the last Mac OS X update was released on September 29, and some observers assumed that this was the last update of the Tiger operating system.


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