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Results for cardscan 60 “card case 60”. Categories & Filters. Get it fast. Store Pickup at. Pick up today. Category. Cell Phone Accessories. Brand. Gear Beast Gear Beast. Lowepro Lowepro. Mainstreet Classics Mainstreet Classics. Features. Additional Lens Storage Additional Lens Storage. Contact Management with Dymo CardScan Record every contact. Seize every opportunity. With the CardScan® Contact Management System, acquiring contact data is as easy as scanning a business card – or dragging and dropping text from e-mails, web pages and other online documents.. The Award-winning CardScan® technology enters the data into the correct fields in a digital contact file. Cardscan free download – Corex CardScan c, Corex CardScan cx, CardScan , and many more programs.


Cardscan 60.CardScan 60 – Free download and software reviews – CNET Download

Cardscan free download – Corex CardScan c, Corex CardScan cx, CardScan , and many more programs. Feb 23,  · CardScan 60 is a desktop device that quickly and accurately scans the printed information from business cards into the correct fields of a Subcategory: Scanner Drivers. Jul 08,  · CardScan is a tool designed to easily and quickly integrate DYMO label printing or card scanning into any Windows or custom embedded system. To develop an application, you will need a compiler and linker compatible with libraries and DLLs generated by Microsoft Visual C v or later and CardScan or later/5(12).
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Amazing ParaScan Material Can Change RF Blocks Strongly

An interesting development was presented at the beginning of the month by Paratek Microwave. Despite the fact that two weeks have passed since the announcement, the ParaScan material is so interesting that it is worth telling about it.

The ParaScan material is formed by doping with Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) and can be used to fabricate a completely new class of electronically tuned Paratek integrated capacitors. According to the developer, the resulting products will make it possible to reduce the size of wireless electronic devices and increase the reliability of their operation. A fundamental advantage of ParaScan is its ability to adjust circuit impedance and frequency, combined with low loss, to improve the efficiency of wireless devices.

The exact composition of dopants and other details of the technology are kept secret. However, it is known that their addition made it possible to reduce leakage currents by more than an order of magnitude and significantly reduce radio frequency losses in the material. The leakage current is named as a guideline – according to Paratek, it does not exceed 100 nA. ParaScan’s advantages, the company believes, will allow new generation of tunable devices to replace the usual circuits with fixed parameters and the use of varactors, MEMS devices and adjustable resistive diodes (PIN diodes).

It is important that the technology is ready for practical use. Mass production in collaboration with an unnamed strategic partner is currently underway, according to the company.

Source: Paratek Microwave


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