Canscan n650u.


Canscan n650u





Canscan n650u.


Souvenir USB-key rings made of gold and silver for the year of the pig

As you know, the year of the pig according to the Chinese calendar has not yet begun. For Chinese New Year, Beijing Zhongshi Boda and Lenovo have decided to release a limited edition silver and gold USB stick souvenir set.

The precious metal used in both 30 g keychains is reported to be 99.9% pure. Each of them is engraved with the inscription “Jin Zhu Tian Fu” (may the golden pig bring you good luck “).

A total of 9999 kits will be released, which will cost owners $ 1280. Nothing is known about the capacity of the drives. However, for this kind of souvenirs, the technical side does not matter.


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