Canon mf220 printer.


Canon mf220 printer





Canon mf220 printer.


SanDisk prepares its solid state drives

According to the Israeli resource HWzone.co.il, a local M-System company recently acquired by SanDisk for $ 1.35 billion. dollars, is currently engaged in the development of solid state drives (Solid Stated Drives, SSD). SanDisk-branded SSDs are expected to be released not only for the consumer segment, but also for the business sector.

The M-System / SanDisk product line will include products with improved security characteristics, they will be sold as part of laptops, presumably first from Dell, then other vendors.

Currently, M-System products include solid state drives for military users. They have been produced for quite some time, and the price level for them is one of the highest among all similar products on the market.

The source got at its disposal one of the engineering samples of M-System / SanDisk solid state drives and conducted a series of tests in comparison with the Western Digital HDD (SATA, 80 GB, 7200 rpm./ min). The main weakness of the newbie is the low write speed, in the read tests he was at his best, which, in general, is quite predictable.

The output of real products depends on how quickly SanDisk can enter into an agreement with one of the “whales” in the production of laptops (Dell, HP or Lenovo).

Source: HWzone.co.il


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