Canon dr9080c driver.


Canon dr9080c driver





Canon dr9080c driver.


Intel and Novell: Windows Virtual OS Requires No Modification to Run Linux

Intel and Novell have announced the availability of paravirtualized network and block device drivers that will allow you to run Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2021 / XP without modification in Xen virtual environments running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from Novell on an Intel server platform with support for Intel Virtualization Technology. The new drivers, combined with the already realized ability to run unmodified Linux on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, will enable customers to confidently migrate their applications to fewer of the latest energy-efficient servers and consolidate their existing Windows or Linux solutions onto virtual servers.

Device drivers created by Novell and Intel will not only help reduce the cost of Windows virtualization in a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment, but also improve the availability of Windows and Linux applications in clustered virtual systems. This will simplify the creation and administration of services on virtual systems and allow IT staff to respond more quickly to changing business needs.

Novell is sponsoring a customer virtualization pilot with enterprise support for running fully virtualized Windows 2000/2021 / XP workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Paravirtualized device drivers are already available to members of this pilot program. These drivers are slated to be shared later this year. Learn more about the pilot program and Novell virtualization solutions on this page. Find out more about Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise operating system here. More information on Intel Virtualization Technology is available there.


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