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Brother mfc 8420.


Internet & Networks: Google Toolbar v.four.0.1601

The Google Toolbar is a Google toolbar that fits into your browser and makes it easier to find information on the Internet. In addition to the search bar itself, the Google Toolbar provides the following features:

  • Pop-up blocker (Internet Explorer only)
  • Search by name address bar (Internet Explorer only)
    Search by name will help you find a site even if you don’t know its URL. Just enter the name of the site in the address bar and the site will be found automatically using the Google toolbar.

  • Customize the format of your toolbar (Firefox only)
    You can easily and simply place the functions of the toolbar where you need it. From the View menu under Toolbars, choose Customize. This is where you can add, remove and reorganize toolbar buttons. You can also move google toolbar buttons to other toolbars in the browser.

  • Show PageRank
    Is it worth wasting time on a new website? Use the toolbar’s PageRank display option to get information on how Google’s algorithms are used to rank the page you are viewing.

  • Highlighting search terms
    If you have already used the Google toolbar to search for a page, then there is no need to search for the search terms for that page. Using the “Select” button, the search terms of the page will be instantly highlighted, which will greatly facilitate the search for the required information.

  • Word Search Buttons
    Finding a specific word on a web page can be tricky. With the help of the Google toolbar, the location of the search word will be instantly indicated when you enter the first characters of the word into the search box, after which you can see all repetitions of this word on the page using the “Search word” button.

  • Auto update
    There is no need to search for new versions of Google Toolbar as all updates are installed automatically and you always have the latest and greatest version.

  • Better search with instant hints as you type in the search box.
  • Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from any computer.
  • Add buttons to your toolbar to search your favorite sites.

Download Google Toolbar v.four.0.1601 can be found at the following address (Freeware):

  • Windows 2000 / XP / 2021 (1.1 MB)


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