Biometric coprocessor.


Biometric coprocessor





Biometric coprocessor.


DVB-H on a desktop PC: S3 and Irdeto met one hundred euros

Silicon & Software Systems (S3), a DVB-H client software company, and Irdeto, a company of the multinational media group Naspers, jointly announce a “technological breakthrough” in mobile TV. The new development is said to allow DVB-H services to be used on desktops and laptops using publicly available components.

The solution is based on a standard DVB-T receiver and a USB card reader. The specified set of equipment will be enough to receive DVB-H broadcasting services. Both components, the companies emphasize in the official press release, are commercially available, and their total cost does not exceed 100 euros.

This gives operators an extremely cost-effective way to expand their potential market with devices that were previously unavailable to reach. It is important that the solution can be deployed in several different ways, including supply from operators under their own brands and sales in the market of PC accessories in the form of kits consisting of a DVB-T tuner and a card reader. The software part is assigned to the S3 onHandTV package, which provides support for DVB-H, T-DMB, DAP-IP, MBMS and 2.5 or 3G.

Sources: S3, Irdeto


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