Behringer cmd studio 2a.


Behringer cmd studio 2a





Behringer cmd studio 2a.


Dell intrigues with “never seen before” Black Ice

New information has been added to the official website of Dell in its section dedicated to extreme gaming systems. Apparently, in the near future, another XPS line will be added to the well-known XPS line, called Black Ice.

Presumably the new series will be systems with extremely overclocked components. Which of the cooling systems will be chosen in order to surprise the market with something “which it has not seen before”. Perhaps we are talking about the use of standard thermoelectric cooling of the processor and video card? There is no doubt that the highlight will be in the “freezing” of the hot elements of the PC – the inscription on the site broadcasts about the coming “cold front”.

In any case, the details promise to follow in the near future, we will definitely inform you about them.

Source: Dell


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