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Matsushita has a battery ready, much more capacious than current counterparts

Matsushita, as promised, announced that it has developed a prototype lithium-ion battery that has a significantly higher capacity than similar solutions on the market. It is designed to be used primarily in laptops.

The battery prototype uses a metal alloy for the negative electrode instead of the traditional graphite. Thanks to this innovation, the developer was able to increase the capacity of the standard size battery from the standard 2.9 Ah to 3.6 Ah.

In addition to the increased capacity, the new development of Matsushita has another advantage over other solutions – such batteries are integrated with an HRL layer (heat resistance layer), which will protect the product from overheating, which in the recent past was the cause of many short circuits.

HRL will also be used in Matsushita’s 2.9 Ah batteries. Deliveries of such products should start in April.

More capacious batteries produced by the company should go on sale within two years.

Source: Nikkei


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