Axiom air 49.


Axiom air 49





Axiom air 49.


TwinMOS: TwiSTER DDR2-850 memory modules

TwinMOS Technologies has introduced new TwiSTER DDR2-850 memory modules, which will take a place in the manufacturer’s product line between TwiSTER DDR2-800 and TwiSTER DDR2-1066. The company is positioning the novelty, which will be released in 512 MB and 1 GB versions, for advanced gamers and overclockers.

TwiSTER DDR2-850 rated operating frequency is 850 MHz at CL 5. The modules use “selected” memory chips in 64Mx8 configuration and FBGA packaging, manufactured using 90nm technology. PCB design – six-layer, modules meet European RoHS standard.


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