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Jun 14,  · Once you have completed the driver patch using ZADIG, the Atmel JTAGICE mkII driver will appear under “ATMEL USB DEVICES” on the Windows Device list. You can see the installed driver details from the screen cap below: I Hope this info can help some of ted Reading Time: 5 mins. Jul 20,  · AVR has many debuggers like the AVR Dragon, AVR One, AVR JTAGICE mkII etc. The problem is they cost hundreds of dollars and are hard to get in India. The AVR JTAGICE(not mkII) however, has been made open source by Atmel and therefore anyone can build it. The Atmel AVR JTAGICE mkII is able to operate using an external power supply providing V DC or it can be powered directly from the USB bus. An internal switch will default select the power from the external power supply.


Avr jtagice mkii.Using the Atmel JTAGICE mkII with Atmel STK

The Atmel ® AVR ® JTAGICE mkII supports On-Chip Debugging and programming on all Atmel AVR 8- and bit microcontrollers and processors with On-Chip Debug capability. Supported interfaces are: JTAG (AVR bit, AVR XMEGA ®. Mar 04,  · Help –> AVR Tools User Guide –> JTAGICE mkII User’s Guide –> Frontend Software –> Programming with JTAGICE mkII –> ISP mode 2) JTD bit not configured correctly: The JTAGEN fuse must be programmed and the JTD bit in the MCUCSR Register must be cleared to enable the JTAG Test Access Port. Make sure this bit is not set anywhere in your program. Based on JTAGICE mkII firmware – Identified as JTAGICE mkII in AVRStudio, high speed debugging and programming. Upgradable firmware – Firmware is upgradable to Support Future Devices – Automatic Upgrade. Supported software – AVR Studio 4/5/6, WINAVR(GCC) or IAR is used as front-end software – Supports the program files generated by ICCAVR.
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AVRISP mkII and JTAGICE mkII on Windows 10 not working after fresh install | AVR Freaks
Acronis True Image 10 Home of 1C: Distribution went on sale on store shelves

Aflex software, the official representative in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries of Acronis, announces the availability of the boxed version of Acronis True Image 10 Home of 1C: Distribution. One of the most effective and advanced solutions for backup and data recovery is now available for home users in a boxed version in the stores of Aflex software partners and publisher – 1C.

The latest technologies implemented in Acronis True Image 10 Home allow the user to solve any issues related to backup and recovery of data, guaranteeing the complete safety of all information. Acronis True Image 10 Home significantly improves the already proven and patented technology for creating an accurate hard disk image containing all data stored on the user’s hard disk, including: operating system, device drivers, applications, as well as user options and settings. Now, in addition to creating an image of a whole disk, users are offered a completely new function for backing up certain file types.

This approach allows with a few clicks and automatic settings to back up predefined data categories such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point files, Microsoft Money financial documents, Quicken, music Mp3s, iTunes, photos, videos and many more. applications, regardless of where they are stored on the hard drive.

In the new version of Acronis True Image 10 Home, users are now able to back up their e-mail (Microsoft Outlook), which guarantees the safety not only of valuable emails, contacts, calendar, as well as user settings, but also allows them to start a full-fledged work, without losing important contacts, immediately after system restore.

Acronis True Image 10 Home supports a wide range of devices for safe and secure storage of backups: FTP servers, HDD, NAS, CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, DVD + R / RW, ZIP, Jaz and other removable drives.

Other innovations in Acronis True Image 10 Home are worth noting:

  • Backup rules. – Using the settings, you can control the duration of storing images in the backup, size restrictions and the number of simultaneously stored images.
  • Backup policies. – It is possible to create sets of your own rules that specify backup parameters.
  • Password-protected Acronis Secure Zone. – An additional layer of protection for laptop users and other portable devices.
  • Backup notification. – Acronis True Image 10 Home can notify the user about the completion of a backup or data recovery operation using the Microsoft WinPopup service.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista support. – Protects your system even if you have installed the latest version of Windows.
  • Acronis Snap Restore. – Allows you to load the operating system saved in the archived image of the system partition until the system disk is fully restored and start working within a few seconds after starting the recovery procedure.
  • Saving application settings. – Allows you to save and, if necessary, restore custom settings for more than 100 of the most popular applications, including: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer 6 SP2, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, iTunes 6, Windows Media Player 10, RealPlayer 10.5, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger 8.0, AOL Instant Messenger 1.2, ICQ 5.1, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5, WinZip 10, Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 and many others.
  • Backing up data to FTP server. – Ability to save your data on remote Internet servers, which ensures maximum safety and availability of backups.


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