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Avid c600.


Fujifilm FinePix IS-1: to help forensics

Fujifilm went beyond yesterday’s announcement of the A-series and F-series consumer cameras, but presented another specialized camera, the FinePix IS-1. Externally, the novelty is no different from the older “prosumer” (or as the manufacturer calls it – pseudo-mirror) camera FinePix S9100. It has the same 9-megapixel SuperCCD HR sensor, 10.7x zoom lens, 2-inch swivel LCD display, RAW shooting and maximum functionality for a “compact” camera.

The main feature of the FinePix IS-1 in comparison with the FinePix S9100 donor camera is its photosensitivity to the infrared spectrum, which allows it to be used in forensic science, in medical and scientific purposes. To shoot with the FinePix IS-1 camera in the “normal” mode, you will have to purchase an additional “mirror” IR-cut filter, which allows you to block infrared rays.

This is not the first Fujifilm development for such purposes. The company released a special edition of its FinePix S3 Pro UVIR SLR camera last year. True, it made it possible to shoot not only in the infrared, but also in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Specialized camera Fujifilm FinePix IS-1 will be on sale next month for about $ 900. That is, for the possibility of shooting in the infrared spectrum, you will have to pay about $ 300.


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