Audiobox 1818vsl.


Audiobox 1818vsl





Audiobox 1818vsl.


Server monitoring: Advanced HostMonitor v.6.51 Beta

The Advanced HostMonitor program has been updated, which continuously monitors the availability and performance of servers. In case of errors and malfunctions of the server, HostMonitor warns the administrator (or tries to fix the problem on its own). The program uses 55 testing methods, there are a large number of settings. In addition, HostMonitor allows you to create detailed logs in various formats (Text, HTML, DBF and ODBC), there is a built-in report editor, a convenient and intuitive interface, etc.d.

In the new version, minor improvements and optimizations were made. Read more here.

Download Advanced HostMonitor v.6.51 Beta from there (9.2 MB, Shareware, Windows All).


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