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Audio evolution for windows.


Digital Cowboy: GeForce 7600 GT “V150 DCS-V76GT / PE” adapter with HDMI output

Digital cowboy,
known to us
at least for the adapter for PCI Express x1, announced today a new video adapter,
which, besides quite acceptable performance in 3D graphics
also has wide video output capabilities, in particular, it is equipped with an HDMI connector. Presented by the company
the novelty is called “V150 DCS-V76GT / PE”.

The new adapter will certainly be interesting not only as a 3D graphics accelerator, but also as a video output device for
building multimedia computers for home theaters and entertainment
centers. It’s no secret that cases for this type of PC are usually chosen low-profile, but competent
the approach to assembling a media PC is to select not only beautiful, but also
spacious case, this will prevent overheating of PC components and provide
easy access to them during assembly. And the adapter “V150 DCS-V76GT / PE”, although it is not a low-profile, but has a rich set of interfaces: HDMI, DVI-I, composite and component
exits. This will provide convenient and flexible connectivity.

On the bottom
a special grid is attached to the side of the board, the task of which is to reduce
influence of electromagnetic interference and interference.

Board specifications:

  • Video processor: GeForce7600GT
  • Chip frequency: 560 MHz
  • Memory frequency: 1.4GHz
  • The amount and type of memory: 256 MB GDDR3
  • Memory access interface: 128-bit
  • Bus: PCI Express 16x
  • Outputs: HDMI1.1 1080p, DVI-I, HDTV 720p, TV
  • HDCP (HDMI) support
  • NVIDIA SLI-Ready
  • OS: Windows2000 SP4 / Windows XP
  • Maximum resolution: 2048?1536 points

A source:
Digital cowboy


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