Ati radeon x 1550.


Ati radeon x 1550





Ati radeon x 1550.


Customizers: RivaTuner v.2.0 Final

NVIDIA WORLD website announces the release of the final version of the utility RivaTuner v.2.0, designed for fine-tuning the parameters of video cards based on chips from NVIDIA and ATI and providing access to undocumented settings for Detonator drivers of all versions. The program has a built-in database of driver settings, a registry editor, an editor for sets of ready-made settings (scripts), a low-level GPU overclocking utility, a patch to fix the refresh problem and a diagnostic module.

The new version adds support for new technologies, hardware and drivers, fixes bugs, and also made many other useful changes, fixes and additions. A detailed list of changes made can be found at this address.

Download RivaTuner v.2.0 Final is available here (2.0 MB, Freeware, Windows All).


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