Asus wl 167g.


Asus wl 167g





Asus wl 167g.


How to make your Mac Pro eight-core by yourself

Popular website HardMac (English version of French Mac site MacBidouille) has published step-by-step instructions for upgrading a Mac Pro workstation with two Intel Xeon X5355 quad-core processors clocked at 2.66 GHz.

To upgrade, the user will need the Mac Pro itself, a pair of Intel Xeon X5355 processors, thermal paste and a pair of screwdrivers. The material contains a large number of illustrations, so it will not be difficult to carry out the described operation even for a user with minimal skills in assembling computers.

The illustrations below are screenshots showing that Mac OS X 10.four.8 “sees” all 8 cores. Unfortunately, HardMac has yet to publish benchmark results for its self-upgraded Mac Pros.

Full instructions can be viewed here.


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