Asus pce-n15 11n wireless lan pci-e card.


Asus pce-n15 11n wireless lan pci-e card





Asus pce-n15 11n wireless lan pci-e card.


Universal Soccer Manager 2 is a new soccer manager simulator

Winter Wolves has released a new sports game – a football coach simulator Universal Soccer Manager 2.

The sequel to the popular game is a completely new program with new graphics and a database mechanism for players and clubs that allows you to edit information. According to the developers, Universal Soccer Manager 2 offers gamers an easy gameplay thanks to built-in help system and contextual prompts; in addition, the new game is optimized to run fast on older Macs.

The user can edit the names of players, their skills, the names and uniforms of clubs, leagues and national teams. The game is currently available with an English interface, however, according to the developers, several more localizations will appear in the near future.

Universal Soccer Manager 2 cost – $ 25. The game requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher, Intel or PowerPC G3 450 MHz or higher processor (Universal Binary), 128 MB RAM and 8 MB or more graphics card.

The trial version of the game can be downloaded from these links: for PowerPC, Universal Binary.


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