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A-DATA: Turbo 120x Series CompactFlash Cards Help Make Vista Faster

A-DATA has announced the release of a new series of CompactFlash memory cards – Turbo. The line will include 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB drives, all of which provide 120x data transfer rates (approximately 18 MB / s).

Turbo 120x CompactFlash cards are aimed primarily at professional photographers and also for use in industrial computers. In both of these areas, the high volume and performance provided by CompactFlash are important, and the disadvantages of the “ancient” format (for example, dimensions) do not matter.

The manufacturer did not forget about the “fashionable” function of Windows Vista ReadyBoost – like many USB-drives coming out now, CompactFlash-cards Turbo 120x can be used as “accelerators” of Vista. Of course, you will also need a card reader for this, A-DATA recommends its product – a 52-format memory card reader.


  • Data rate: 120x
  • Standards Compliance: CompactFlash, PC Card ATA
  • PIO 6 mode support
  • Error Correction (ECC)
  • Supply voltage: +3.3 V or +5 V
  • Number of insertion / extraction cycles: 10000
  • Dimensions: 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3mm


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