Amd radeon hd 6770m driver.


Amd radeon hd 6770m driver





Amd radeon hd 6770m driver.


Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-3000: 3-in-1 tuner

Hauppauge has released a new hybrid TV tuner WinTV-HVR-3000. It is reported about the possibility of watching programs of terrestrial or cable analog and terrestrial digital television (DVB-T), satellite TV (DVB-S), as well as radio (DVB-T, DVB-S and FM). According to the manufacturer, this is the first “3 in 1” tuner.

The device is designed to be installed in a PCI slot and, in addition to inputs for connecting TV and FM antennas, has S-Video and composite video inputs. WinTV2000 software allows you to record video to HDD in MPEG-1 (VCD), MPEG-2 (SVCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD) formats, including scheduled. The ability to pause or rewind the current TV program has also been implemented.

WinTV-HVR-3000 cost approximately $ 200.


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