Amd firepro v5900 drivers.


Amd firepro v5900 drivers





Amd firepro v5900 drivers.


NCipher miniHSMTM protects electronic devices

Electronics Manufacturers Face Increasing Demand for Hardware-Protected Devices. The new development of the nCipher company will help to quickly add the necessary functionality, both serially produced structures and products that are at the design stage.

We are talking about miniHSMTM – the world’s first (at least that’s what nCipher thinks) hardware security module (HSM). Optimized for OEM applications, the module can be easily added to an electronic device, bringing the functions of data encryption, digital signature, user identification. Among potential applications for miniHSM, the developer names video projectors, voting terminals, retail outlets, border control points and document management systems.

MiniHSM is less than half a pack of chewing gum. However, the modest dimensions did not prevent the developers from implementing serious security mechanisms in the device protected from unauthorized interference. MiniHSM supports many encryption algorithms including 3DES, AES, RSA, DH, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). It integrates a random number generator, a generator and key storage, a real-time clock.

Source: nCipher


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