Amd 6350 driver.


Amd 6350 driver





Amd 6350 driver.


BenQ Introduces 18 & 20 Speed ​​DVD Recorders

BenQ Announces Three New Multi-format DVD Recorders – 18-Speed ​​DW1810 and 20-Speed ​​DW2000 / DW2021. All drives support reading and writing to CD-R / RW, DVD ± R / RW and DVD-RAM discs. DW2021 and DW1810 are additionally capable of printing images to media using Lighscribe technology.

It is reported that the new products use SolidBurn technology, which is a self-learning algorithm for examining the surface of the media before recording to determine the best strategy.

All three drives are equipped with an ATAPI interface (a version with SerialATA is expected next year) and a 2 MB buffer.
DW1810 records to DVD ± R media at 18x, DVD + RW – 8x, DVD-RW – 6x, DVD ± R DL – 8X and DVD-RAM – 12x. The DW2000 and DW2021 feature a maximum DVD ± R write speed of 20x.


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