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Oct 17,  · A whistle-stop tour but hopefully you’ve sensed a positive vibe. I’m a Roon user and that will continue. Audirvana Plus will now run alongside it. Access to Qobuz is a nice-to-have indulgence, for others, it will be a priority. For those dipping their toes into computer audio, Audirvana Plus’ simplicity is very appealing. Google Code Archive – Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. Project. Source. Issues. Wikis. Downloads. Nov 16,  · Android Emulator. Virtualization. Lightweight. 17 alternatives to LDPlayer. LDPlayer,The best android emulator for windows. Free download it to play android games & android apps on PC. Be stabilization, fluent, perfect compatibility. LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC users playing Android games easily on Windows.

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Search forums. Members Current visitors. Log in. Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Anyone recommend a good alternative to Roon? MartinH32 Well-known Member. Any suggestions of something that does similar in respect of streaming around the house? I can stream to any box from basically anything that has Roon on it.

I know Volumio can’t do this. Can JRiver with Airplay? What about others? I have Volumio on my main system but all so run Picoreplayer with the core on my NAS box and a raspberry pi3 with the pi 7in touch screen running Picoreplayer just the player on it with some old pc speakers for the time i am the garage,works very well and i sometimes have this connected to the wife’s stereo in the kitchen.

Cebolla Member. MartinH32 said:. Click to expand Last edited: Nov 21, View attachment Guys – re: piCorePlayer. You appear to have missed that the OP already has some AirPlay supporting Cambridge Audio speakers, a Cambridge Audio CXN and a mysterious ‘PC’, all apparently ready to be used as the network music players – so doesn’t appear to need piCorePlayer’s own Squeezelite network music player. Also, I would have partially agreed with you if you had mentioned precisely what piCorePlayer is actually using as its ‘core’ – the free Logitech Media Server.

Thanks all. Yes Volumio was ‘briefly’ considered as I’d been told it was a cheaper alternative to Roon, which, after looking isn’t. I’ve got JRiver to work but it’s a little clunky compared to Roon. It’s running headless at the moment as I’m trialing Roon and it seems to be more than capable.

That PC itself doesn’t play anything, it’s just the Roon core. I have a PC in the living room which does play music, and iMac for work which I also use for background music when I’m working. I have an iphone, and my wife iphone and ipad which are all used. We have a Cambridge Audio Airplay speaker in the kitchen and one in the dining room. I’ve not found anything with the simplicity of Roon to allow me to play from anything to anything. It’s very versatile. My problem is a subscription to play something which is actually mine on something I own!

It’s only used for my music, no streaming services. This is why I’d prefer to purchase software rather than be held to ransom if prices increase etc. There is no doubting though that the quality Roon outputs is out of this world. I’ll check out LMS if it can do all the above but it looks like I may have to stick down the subscription route.

However, LMS can’t compete with Roon’s user interface, which is arguably second to none and is its actual main selling point – rather than its audio quality.

Cebolla said:. Incidentally, what’s this ‘anything’ you’re currently playing on Roon? Last edited: Nov 22, Chalklands Active Member. For what its worth. I used to use Roon, but then found MusicBee, which is free. I have it on my laptop connected to my CXN via wifi then connect the CXN to my main hifi in the living room phono and to bluetooth speakers in the kitchen via a bluetooth transmitter connected to the CXN. I use the dual screen setting in windows using my TV as a second screen.

That way I can use my laptop normally whilst having musicbee displayed on the TV There is also an android MusicBee mobile control app that I have on my phone.

Works fine for me. Don’t use spotify etc so can’t comment. Last edited: Nov 24, Chalklands said:. You could try asking the MusicBee forum, they’re normally very helpful I’ve found Much like here! EtheAv8r Standard Member. The price of the Annual subscription for Roon has not changed, and is unlikely to any time soon. The Lifetime option did take nearly 4. So you could still go with Roon with the annual subscription knowing that in 2 or 3 years time if something better emerges you can switch safe in the knowledge that you have had the best option available at the time and can really judge if an alternative is indeed a better solution..

Expectations are that Roon will eventually completely withdraw the Lifetime option, and run solely on annual and who knows, maybe monthly subscription basis. Withdrawal of Lifetime might only be a few months away. Roon also does not have Alexa support, whereas there is a full-featured skill for controlling Logitech Media Server. Khazul Well-known Member. Timmy C Distinguished Member. Assuming you’ve also been keeping your LMS reasonably up to date over those years, so running a 7.

It should be available by default, ready to install now, with the rest of the free plugins in LMS’s plugins setup page, 3rd party section. Last edited: Dec 21, I only ever look at the plugins if I want it to do something new like when I had a Tidal trial.

I found the Material Skin plugin earlier but will look for the Info plugin later. Am I right in thinking the Material skin is simply cosmetic or does it add anything new? Yes, purely cosmetic, though hopefully you’d agree much better than the default LMS web browser player controller – which would certainly not have impressed the OP used to Roon’s UI and the only reason why I mentioned it in my previous posts.

JPanda Standard Member. Interesting thread – I have been running Squeezeboxes for over 12 years. I have 4 Duets’s and a Squeezebox Boom.

I used to run my own LMS to serve up my content from my network, but for the last 7 years have ditched that and use mysqueezebox. Truthfully the old, old squeezbox hardware seems to struggle a bit with hi-res Tidal content and I have been looking for an upgrade path.

I’m not overly interested in pretty UI or enriched metadata Roon is famed for, I am interested in being able to sync playback or play independently. I like the idea of broad device support. I’m not adverse to upgrading hardware the 2nd hand market for squeezeboxes is strong and I like new toys ;-. I must be able to control playback, selection, etc from both iOS and Android devices. I need the solution to play from streaming services, particularly the hi-res audio providers, it is a bonus if it will play local network hosted content, but not essential.

Ideally there is no requirement for local hardware beyond the endpoints themselves. I’m planning to allow the Roon trial to run its course and end it. Then setup the Pi as a squeezebox endpoint and test Tidal streaming via Mysqueezebox. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads P. Replies 9 Views 1K. May 6, kit1cat. Replies 45 Views 3K. Jun 4, spile. Big Simon Aug 1, Music Streamers. Replies 6 Views 1K. Aug 2, Big Simon. Replies 8 Views