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Allen & heath xone dx.


UMPC as part of a portable RF spectrum analyzer

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, a wireless testing tools company, launches the BumbleBee Spectrum Analyzer that relies on a UMPC for the user interface. The device is a complete system that includes a calibrated receiver designed to operate on popular radio frequency bands, including Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, ISM and Bluetooth.

BumbleBee computer runs Windows XP. It is based on a 1-GHz Intel Pentium M ULV processor and is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch screen (WVGA resolution). The 40 GB hard disk built into the UMPC allows you to store measurement data and reproduce the recorded spectrograms, making it possible to analyze data on the coverage area and the degree of signal interference at different points in space. The spectrum analyzer has three pairs of markers, a spectrogram and a histogram mode, can perform waveform averaging, record peaks, and more.

With the help of BumbleBee, engineers and technicians involved in the deployment and diagnostics of wireless radio frequency communication channels will be able to analyze wave propagation conditions, determine the optimal location of equipment. Optionally available DF antenna useful for identifying sources of interference. The price of the new item is about $ 4500.

Source: Berkeley Varitronics Systems


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