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Allen and heath xone dx.


Ritlabs: a new strategy for the development of solutions for the security of mail correspondence and control of access to confidential data

Ritlabs, the developer of the TheBat mail system!, announced a new strategy for the development of the company’s products aimed at ensuring the security of mail correspondence and control of access to confidential data.

Above all, Ritlabs focuses on ensuring the reliability of corporate email software. Since most of the communication with the outside world takes place through e-mail, it can be argued that e-mail is not just mail, but part of business communications, and its security is one of the most important tasks for a modern company.

To ensure the reliability of corporate messaging channels, Ritlabs takes the following steps: Implementing end-to-end solutions (TheBat! and BatPost), new authentication and digital signature mechanisms, integration with anti-virus systems for checking incoming and outgoing traffic. Secure hardware is used to store users’ private keys, which ensures the safety of confidential data. At the same time, RITLABS solutions allow you to automate remote access to protected databases by means of mail messages.

Based on TheBat! solutions such as the Curier electronic postal system, which has operational experience in the state apparatus of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the “ZAKHID” system used in Ukraine and the Odessa Regional State Administration (it should be noted that this is the only case of legal submission of a digital signature in Ukraine) have already been created and are being successfully operated. Also, TheBat! plans to take part in the national project “Electronic Russia” as an integral part of.


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