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Sapphire introduces X1050 and X1550 graphics

Following HIS, the company
Sapphire Announces Similar GPU Lines: X1050 and X1550.

Delivering SAPPHIRE X1550 Series and SAPPHIRE X1050 Series to System Integrators
and in the retail network are scheduled for the second half of January, t.e. already
should have started.

The SAPPHIRE X1550 Series includes several low-cost video solutions that
each have 4 pixel pipelines, chip clock frequency 550 MHz and 800 MHz frequency
memory. The cards of this series will be equipped with 256 MB of DDR2 memory with 64-bit
access. These devices are equipped with VGA, TV-Out and DVI-I interfaces and
support HyperMemory technology.

SAPPHIRE X1050 Series are entry-level adapters that also have 4
pixel pipelines, the chip is clocked at 400 MHz, and the memory at 666 MHz. Volume
DDR2 memory with 64-bit access is 128 MB – with active or passive
cooling. The series also includes variants with 128-bit memory access, volume
which is 256 MB.

The presented adapters meet the requirements of Microsoft Windows Vista. ABOUT
prices have not yet been announced.


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