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Apr 06,  · Weird Aardvark Q10 behaviour What may be happening is that you have got your PC’s built-in sound card enabled as well as the Aarvark, and Reaper is assigning the first two channels to this. The result is that the Q10 channel input numbers are starting at 3 and not 1. DEVICE DRIVER FOR AARDVARK Aark 20/20, Aark 20/20+, Aark 24, Aark TDIF Direct Pro 24/96, Direct Pro LX6 and Direct Pro Q10 ===== Improvements with version June 25, +++++ Device DriverSingle driver for all Aardvark Professional Audio Cards Direct Pro Q10 new sync modes: Int kHz, Int 96kHz, Word Clock 96kHz, Word Clock 2X. Dec 19,  · When Aardvark still had a website, the settings they recommended were: 1. On the General tab, set your timing masters to 9,10 Direct Pro Q Make sure the Audio driver bit depth and File bit depth are the same (16 or 24), and both of these should be the same as what you set using the Aardvark Manager software to access the Q10’s settings. 2.


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Dec 06,  · Now I had again problems with Q10, In the control panel and too in the audio soft settings was appearing Aardvark 20+20, instead of Direct Pro Q10, audio software don’t recognized Aardvark MIDI, and not possible hear trough Q10, I begin to look in the net and surprise, I found my post of , I really forgot that I had posted it. Feb 27,  · A Q10 user and follower of the extinct Aardvark will have to answer the Vista question. But I’d be REALLY suprised seeing as their drivers havent been updated for 5 or so years since the Aardvark went belly up. Dec 14,  · Man, Q10 is one of the worst financial investments I’ve ever made. I paid $ for mine and sold it for $something when Aardvark decided to “disappear.” I did get a lot of use out of it, but that kind of business model chaps my hide. I know this happens with a lot of computer audio stuff, but with Aardvark it happened ted Reading Time: 4 mins.
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Tamura AAD600: 600W Compact Server Power Supply

Here is such a paradox – all processor manufacturers, as one, make a lot of efforts to reduce the power consumption and heat dissipation of their products, but at the same time, power supplies that need to be installed in computer cases are becoming more powerful and more powerful every day. Tamura’s latest solution, the AAD600, delivers 600W of power output in 229x102x40mm for use in 1U servers for the telecom, data center and industrial automation systems.

AAD600 provides output voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24, 36, 38 and 48 V, output adjustment ± 1% and load adjustment ± 0.25%, the amplitude of voltage fluctuations does not exceed 250 mV.

There is a built-in cooling fan, protection against voltage, current and temperature surges. The cost of such a power supply, as indicated on the company’s website, will be $ 220.


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