NVIDIA To Leverage GPGPU with Acceleware

A lot is said about the fact that in the near future the very idea of ​​a graphics accelerator as a component of a PC, necessary only for games, will change. Hopes for the development of GPGPU (general-purpose calculations on a graphics processor) are associated with the release of a more flexible DirectX 10 API and new accelerators based on ATI R6xx and NVIDIA G8x chips.

Meanwhile, the leading manufacturers of video cards themselves are trying to create additional areas for the use of their products, to shift onto their shoulders what was previously performed by central processors or specific coprocessors.

Thus, NVIDIA decided to invest 2.9 million. dollars to the Canadian company Acceleware, which develops and manufactures coprocessors used in calculations related to electromagnetic simulations, seismic data processing, etc.d.

Acceleware Drives NVIDIA GPUs from Business Convergence. Considering that such solutions are never cheap, such cooperation may well bring the Californian manufacturer a significant profit in the future.

Finally, let’s note the sense of humor inherent in the employees of the company Acceleware. The description of its Accelerator Board says that it provides “Superpower”. The footnote says that the latter does not denote vision like an X-ray or the ability to fly :).

Source: Acceleware


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