ASUS M2A-MVP: motherboard based on “new old” chipsets

As we recently reported, AMD, after completing its takeover of ATI, has decided to rename the company’s 480X and 580X chipsets. And now in Japan, the first motherboards have already been seen on these new old system logic chipsets.

It is quite curious that the first part of the name of the ASUS M2A-MVP motherboard coincides with the first part of the name of the Jetway motherboard, which we talked about a few days ago. However, the cost of the ASUS board will be about $ 110.

Despite the renaming, in some places the ATI logo is still preserved.

The motherboard is designed for Athlon 64/64 X2 / Sempron processors with an AM2 processor socket and 1 GHz HyperTransport bus, supports CrossFire mode with two PCI Express x8 graphics adapters – in fact, this chipset, recall, is nothing more than CrossFire Xpress 1600. In motherboards based on AMD 580X (Radeon CrossFire Express 3200), respectively, CrossFire mode with two PCI Express x16 adapters is supported.

The M2A-MVP uses the AMD SB600 South Bridge, which provides support for two PCI Express x16 expansion slots, two PCI Express x1, two PCI, four DIMMs (DDR 800/667/533 with a total capacity of up to 8 GB). There is an integrated Gigabit Ethernet adapter (Marvell 88E8001), a four-port Serial ATA controller (RAID 0/1/0 + 1) and one PATA port (IDE / Ultra ATA / 133), 5.1-channel audio codec, IEEE 1394 port.


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