PNY launches its Secure Digital and CompactFlash memory cards

PNY Technologies Announces its Optima Memory Card Line, which will include Secure Digital and CompactFlash products.
The minimum declared level of write speed for new products is 9 MB / s, reading – 10 MB / s.

PNY Optima Secure Digital series will be released cards of 1 and 2 GB. 4 GB version (SDHC class 6) promised by the manufacturer by the end of the current quarter.

Thus, PNY Technologies plans to satisfy the needs of the majority of amateur photographers using both SLR cameras and compact cameras.

The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty for all products of the Optima series.

Recommended prices PNY Optima for Europe:

  • SD Optima 1GB – $ 27.
  • SD Optima 2GB – $ 79.
  • CF Optima 1GB – $ 43.
  • CF Optima 2GB – $ 79.
  • CF Optima 4GB – $ 144.

Source: PNY Technologies


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