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AMD Selected for Another Mini-ITX Computer Promoted by Intel

As you know, Intel has decided to promote the Mini-ITX form factor as a standard for small-sized PCs. According to experts, this is not so much rational motives (Intel has neither corresponding motherboards nor processors, and the standard itself was developed by another company), as a desire to somehow react to the news that AMD has offered manufacturers to use a promising open proprietary DTX standard.

The irony of the situation is that among the products in the Mini-ITX form factor, which Intel chose, there are already many motherboards based on AMD processors, and new ones are constantly appearing. For example, recently the company AXIOMTEK presented another economical version of the motherboard, or rather, a single-board computer of the Mini ITX form factor.

The product, designated SBC86620, is characterized by extremely low power consumption, as it is based on the AMD Geode CS5536 chipset and the x86-compatible AMD Geode LX 800 processor. Recall that the power consumed by this processor does not exceed 0.9 W. Board size – 170 x 170 mm.

The scope of the novelty is embedded solutions in the communication and industrial automation industry, mobile devices. The SBC86620 is equipped with a USB DiskOnModule (DOM) interface that allows you to store the OS and boot from a flash drive. The computer has an LVDS interface for direct connection of an LCD panel and an analog video output (VGA).

A standard 184-pin DIMM socket is used for memory installation. Maximum memory capacity – 1 GB. System Expansion Provides PCI Slot. The computer configuration includes two Ethernet adapters (optional – Gigabit Ethernet), AC’97 codec, six USB 2 ports.0, four COM ports and eight digital I / O channels for integration into industrial automation systems.

AXIOMTEK SBC86620 Delivery Set To Start In February.



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